Time is a funny thing. When you are young, you feel like you have an endless supply of it. Time can pass excruciatingly slow, especially when you are awaiting Christmas or summer vacation. It can pass by like the speed of light, during exciting trips, time with good friends or watching a great movie. As time passes, you slowly come to realize that time is extremely limited. It soon becomes the most valuable commodity we have. There are many ways we can spend time. 

We can exchange time for money, trading it along with our skills to an employer who pays us so we can support ourselves and our families. This is probably the most common use of time and the one society considers the most normal investment of time. It is helpful in acquiring the necessities of life - food and shelter along with the lesser necessities like a nice vehicle, flat screen television and the latest smartphone. But where else can we invest our time? 

We can invest time in our self. Understanding who we are and how best to spend our time in support of our core values. Taking the time to reveal what truly inspires us. Identifying the skills and knowledge we need to fully develop this potential. Investing time in acquiring those skills and knowledge and finding ways to monetize our time most effectively in a manner that aligns with our values and aspirations. 

We can invest time in others. In some ways, this is the most rewarding use of time. Giving time to family members and friends builds and strengthens relationships that will sustain us throughout life. Giving time to others in our community and beyond creates a healthier community and world. We also reap the personal reward of the positive feeling that comes from freely giving our time to others. 

There are many ways we can invest the limited time we have in life. How are you spending yours?

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