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Cultivating Compassion 


It is difficult to find compassion in the world. Anger and hatred are everywhere. Compassion does appear in simple gestures, a stranger pausing to allow you into a line of cars or holding the door for you. A smile or wave.

We have evolved to be physically and emotionally protective of ourselves making it difficult to find and express compassion. We are immediately responsive to threats while less aware of opportunities to express compassion to others. Politics and social media are full of the chronically…

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We are all Storytellers 

We are all storytellers living the story we tell. We tell our story mostly to our self - an internal narrative casting our experiences in an endlessly looping documentary. If we dare to share our story with others, it is usually carefully curated to present what we wish them to think of us. 

It is more challenging to be truly authentic with our story. We often allow our story to be dictated by others - following the easy path of filling the mold cast for us by parents, teachers, partners and politicians. 

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Brain Calcification 

I sometimes feel as if my creative neural pathways are starting to calcify. I have a theory that our brains "calcify" as we age if we are not mindful. Perhaps not in terms of actual calcium deposits, but in that we lose the flexibility of thought required to adapt to new situations or think in new and creative ways. We become rigid and "set in our ways" unable to change or adapt.

One of the saddest things I ever witnessed was the behaviour of a polar bear in Vancouver's Stanley Park zoo. The bear slowly…

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Groundhog Day 

Sometimes life feels like Groundhog Day. Not the popping up out of a hole looking for your shadow Groundhog Day but the Bill Murray every day just repeats itself plot of Groundhog Day the movie.

It is easy to fall into a life of comfortable routine. Comfortable but not creative. Time passes rapidly by with the only trace of existence consumption and waste. The challenge is getting out of the routine, doing the difficult and challenging work that will leave a trail of discovery and creation.


Finding Your Brand 

Like it or not, we all have a brand. How we look, sound and feel to others. Maybe it's crass and commercial to consider it a "brand" so use another word - personality or character - if that makes you more comfortable. We naturally project our brand but there is value in reflecting on what it is to build stronger relationships with others.

Your brand should reflect what you are passionate about - what gets you out of bed every morning. Most of us migrate towards things we are good at and the things we are…

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Finding Your Rhythm 

    Photo by Lee Pigott on Unsplash

Rhythm is an essential part of music - finding the groove, laying down a beat. We all have an innate sense of rhythm - just watch a child when music starts playing or the audience at a big concert. Rhythm can be sensed within or with a group of others. I've never participated in a drum circle but I suspect it would be a fun way to explore group rhythm. I have been in a group of musicians as well as an improv troupe where we've found the groove of a song or a scene - it…

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Gratitude from A to Z: Silence 

I'm grateful for silence. The opportunity to be mindful of silence when it occurs, allowing it to quiet my mind. If just for a moment.

Silence is elusive. Try to find a place in your day where you can't hear a machine - a truck in the distance, computer fan or fridge motor. In many places it is virtually impossible to find silence. Silence exists only behind earplugs or headphones.

Why do I intentionally fill my world with sound - to actively avoid silence? Every moment doesn't need to be filled with…

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Gratitude from A to Z: Questions 

I'm grateful for questions. Too often I find myself accepting the status quo when I know much more is possible. Questioning myself stirs my curiosity and motivates me to seek the truth of things. Truth can be an elusive quarry - questions help reveal where it lies.

Questions lead me down the pathway to new discovery expanding my knowledge and understanding of things. Questions give me the opportunity to better know and understand others. We all have different perspectives - questions give us the…

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Gratitude from A to Z: Journal 

I am grateful for my journal. After a few false starts over the course of my life, last November I began a daily journal. I am now on my sixth journal having filled more than 800 pages with handwritten meanderings. Many have turned into The Rob Log posts but most of the content is random thoughts, ideas and observations. 

The power of my daily journal is the ability to record thoughts and ideas in a more concrete form than a passing thought. Writing shines a brighter light of awareness on my thoughts…

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Gratitude from A to Z: Education 

                                              Photo by Feliphe Schiarolli on Unsplash


I am grateful for my education. For the transformative teachers I've had - Mrs. Baxter, Mrs. Morrison and Mrs. Raymond in elementary school - Mr. Chan, Mr. Tomita and Miss Morrison in high school - Joe Cunsolo, Larry Peterson, John Proctor, Herm Tiessen and Jim Tsujita in university. My graduate supervisor Glen Lumis who taught me how to think beyond the boundaries of knowledge. My career-long mentor Jack Eggens who…

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