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Cultivating Compassion


It is difficult to find compassion in the world. Anger and hatred are everywhere. Compassion does appear in simple gestures, a stranger pausing to allow you into a line of cars or holding the door for you. A smile or…

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We are all Storytellers

We are all storytellers living the story we tell. We tell our story mostly to our self - an internal narrative casting our experiences in an endlessly looping documentary. If we dare to share our story with others, it is…

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Brain Calcification

I sometimes feel as if my creative neural pathways are starting to calcify. I have a theory that our brains "calcify" as we age if we are not mindful. Perhaps not in terms of actual calcium deposits, but in that…

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Groundhog Day

Sometimes life feels like Groundhog Day. Not the popping up out of a hole looking for your shadow Groundhog Day but the Bill Murray every day just repeats itself plot of Groundhog Day the movie.

It is easy…

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Finding Your Brand

Like it or not, we all have a brand. How we look, sound and feel to others. Maybe it's crass and commercial to consider it a "brand" so use another word - personality or character - if that makes…

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Finding Your Rhythm

    Photo by Lee Pigott on Unsplash

Rhythm is an essential part of music - finding the groove, laying down a beat. We all have an innate sense of rhythm - just watch a child when music starts playing or…

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Gratitude from A to Z: Silence

I'm grateful for silence. The opportunity to be mindful of silence when it occurs, allowing it to quiet my mind. If just for a moment.

Silence is elusive. Try to find a place in your day where you…

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Gratitude from A to Z: Questions

I'm grateful for questions. Too often I find myself accepting the status quo when I know much more is possible. Questioning myself stirs my curiosity and motivates me to seek the truth of things. Truth can be an elusive…

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Gratitude from A to Z: Journal

I am grateful for my journal. After a few false starts over the course of my life, last November I began a daily journal. I am now on my sixth journal having filled more than 800 pages with handwritten…

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Gratitude from A to Z: Education

                                              Photo by Feliphe Schiarolli on Unsplash


I am grateful for my education. For the transformative teachers I've had - Mrs. Baxter, Mrs. Morrison and Mrs. Raymond in elementary school - Mr. Chan, Mr. Tomita and Miss Morrison in…

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