The Reluctant Animal

As humans, we are reluctant to consider ourselves as just another animal. We are far superior to all other living things on this planet. Our ability to think and plan has made us Lords of the Earth granting us permission to use the land, sea and all living beings for sustenance, profit and pleasure. The rest of the planet suffers for the so-called intelligence of Homo sapiens.

Evolution connects us to the apes but in the process we learned to conceptualize and execute - in all expressions of that word. At the same time we never really lost our animal instincts - pack mentality, fear of the unknown, male aggression and the like. We tread a precarious path between the reality of our biological existence and the often fictitious world of human perception and ideology.

But Mother Nature is the ultimate disciplinarian. She has a way of putting every animal in its place and humans are no exception. We are animals and without a doubt the most destructive pests ever unleashed on this world. The sooner we accept that and learn to live within the limits of our environment, the better off we'll be.



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    Rob Witherspoon

    Thanks Krys!

    Thanks Krys!

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