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Transitions are times of great danger. The disruption brought on by transitions leaves us vulnerable and exposed. We may fear what lies beyond the transition. Long held routines are torn away leaving us seemingly stranded in an unfamiliar world. We…

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The Joy of Impermanence

Nothing is permanent. A permanent hairdo,  a perm, is not permanent. It only adds or removes curls for a few weeks before you have to get a new one. Perhaps that's why the perm has fallen out of favour, it's…

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Remote Parenting

It’s difficult to make generalities about generations but our involvement in our children’s lives has gone on for a much longer period than our parents were involved with us. I’m not saying this is a good or bad thing, it…

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Finding Our Place

Walking along a 16 km beach on the west coast of Vancouver Island, breakers pounding the sand to your right and evergreens rising to the mountains on your left, you can begin to appreciate the strong connection aboriginal people have…

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The Joy of Insignificance

On occasion I find it helpful to take stock of where I stand in the universe.

I am one of 7.5 billion Homo sapiens. We collectively reside on the fourth smallest planet of eight that orbit a star that…

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The Reluctant Animal

As humans, we are reluctant to consider ourselves as just another animal. We are far superior to all other living things on this planet. Our ability to think and plan has made us Lords of the Earth granting us permission…

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Lonely and Alone

It is surprising that there is still loneliness in the world. There has never been a time when humans have had the ability to interact widely with others every waking moment of our lives. But this level of communication has…

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We are all Storytellers

We are all storytellers living the story we tell. We tell our story mostly to our self - an internal narrative casting our experiences in an endlessly looping documentary. If we dare to share our story with others, it is…

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Truth and Suffering

To find the truth of things look for suffering. Determine the cause of suffering and you will find the truth.  We often construct a fictional reality for our self and others but rarely understand the truth in suffering.

Gratitude from A to Z: Silence

I'm grateful for silence. The opportunity to be mindful of silence when it occurs, allowing it to quiet my mind. If just for a moment.

Silence is elusive. Try to find a place in your day where you…

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