The Power of Curiosity

If you want to see curiosity in its purest form, watch a young child carefully - everything is new and full of wonder. As we move through our lives, our innate curiosity can stagnate under the weight of experience and routine. 

Everything we achieve in life is a product of curiosity. If it wasn't for curiosity we would all be floating in the ocean staring longingly at the shore or still hanging out in the Garden of Eden, depending on your perspective. 

Do you do things the same way you've always done them or do you examine what you do on a regular basis and consider ways it could be done differently? When you encounter a new challenge , do you embrace the opportunity to learn something new or do you try to ignore it or deal with it using only what you already know? Innovative individuals and organizations cultivate curiosity. 

One of the best ways to develop your own curiosity is to read. 

Research shows that as a society, our attention spans are being continually shortened by our use of social media and the small screen landscape of the digital age. It has never been easier to develop your competitive advantage simply by committing to read more. Reading exercises your brain increasing your ability to think creatively while expanding your knowledge and vocabulary. 

Consider that each of us, if we are fortunate, have maybe 70-90 years of life experience to draw upon. Each book you read gives you the perspective and experience of another person's life experience. Reading can exponentially expand your perspective. 

Read books related to your profession. Read books related to your interests. Read biographies of people you admire or find interesting. Read fiction for entertainment. Just read. If you struggle with reading start small with blogs, magazine articles and work your way up to books. If you struggle with reading, download some audiobooks and listen to them while driving or, if appropriate, while you are working. There are also podcasts on a variety of subjects that you can download. 

Read to exercise your mind, cultivate your curiosity and watch your abilities and opportunities expand.

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