The Human Rebooted

Over time computers slow down and operate less effectively. Fortunately they can just be rebooted. Rebooting removes all the unnecessary processes that accumulate over time and loads a fresh copy of the operating system. Can we do the same to ourselves? 

As time passes, we accumulate processes (habits) that disrupt our core operating system. Failure, frustration and doubt interfere with our ability to function effectively. We respond by developing ineffective and often self destructive processes. These processes bog us down and slow our progress towards realizing our true potential. Maybe a reboot could help us restore or create a more effective core operating system. 

Computers can simply discard all active processes and start over with a cleaner, mission focused operating system. We don't let go of ingrained, unproductive processes as easily but what if we directed our attention to what is working and build around that? What is our mission and what are our mission critical core processes? Certainly we can find at least one thing we are doing well towards achieving our mission even if it is just getting out of bed in the morning. 

Rather than fighting to eliminate negative processes that are slowing down our operating system maybe it would be more effective to focus on what we are doing well. Trying to discard negative processes through shear willpower is rarely successful. It is more productive to build confidence and self esteem through developing new processes that pull us towards what we really aspire to be and do. 

Take a few moments and think about what you do well. What inspires you to action? What actions are you most proud of? Consider this your core operating system. Make some notes and commit a few moments at the start of each day to determine what you can do that day to build and reinforce this core. At the end of the day, review how you did and start to build and reinforce the new processes around your core operating system. 

Building from a positive foundation will allow you to slowly reboot yourself and create a refreshed core operating system that guides you towards realizing your true and authentic potential. All you have to do is press the button of commitment to get it started.

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