Optimizing Your Value

Success in life is generally defined by the value we provide to others. How can we optimize that value to have a more fulfilling life? 

It is difficult to shed the burden of self-absorption that seems to be the default state of human existence. It is hard to put our ego aside and find ways to increase our value to others. But if we want to create value beyond ourselves, we have build a habit of giving freely to others. 

Reflect on those who have supported you to this point - parents, teachers, mentors, family and friends. The people who positively impact your life, who provide you with the most value, are all individuals who give their time and experience freely to you. They are truly interested in you and measure their success by your success. 

Acknowledge and regularly show gratitude to those who have supported you in your life. Draw inspiration from them and look for opportunities to support others on a daily basis. Approach each personal interaction in your day with the attitude of what you can do to help that person not what they can do to help you. 

Contributing to the success of those around you will automatically and rapidly increase your value.  Focus on giving to support others and you may be surprised at what you receive in return.

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