Journalling... or is it Journaling?

A pen has no spellcheck function but I think it's journaling. As a young boy I started writing in a notebook for something other than what was required in school. Much like school, the effort and outcome was a little spotty. A brief but witty twelve year old's account of campmobiling with his family across the United Kingdom, a few first pages filled in a variety of notebooks including a very cool Illustrated Hobbit's Journal Santa brought and more recently some apps cluttering my phone with few reflections recorded. 

As an educator, I guided students through an internship program. They were encouraged with thirty marks to keep a journal during their work term. Not all jobs require the keeping of records but many, like growing plants, certainly benefit from being able to reflect and plan using a journal. 

The main argument against keeping a personal journal or diary is time but it doesn't take as much time as you may think. Like most new habits, you just need to start small and fit it in to your day. You may be surprised to find that once you commit to writing daily by scheduling a short five minute time slot, you may start looking for more time to write. 

The greatest benefit that I have realized is clarity of thought and purpose. It helps to capture my thoughts and ideas, plan and execute better. I have found greater benefit in writing by hand in a notebook rather than using a computer or phone. There are no notifications or messages that pop up in my notebook and the act of taking a pen in hand and writing just feels right. 

My journal is a combination of written paragraphs, point form, starred action items and the occasional sketch. While wandering around the Internet looking for information on journaling, I stumbled across the bullet journal. It is a simple yet focused, action oriented approach to keeping a journal that helps to guide you forward.

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