Finding Your Rhythm

    Photo by Lee Pigott on Unsplash

Rhythm is an essential part of music - finding the groove, laying down a beat. We all have an innate sense of rhythm - just watch a child when music starts playing or the audience at a big concert. Rhythm can be sensed within or with a group of others. I've never participated in a drum circle but I suspect it would be a fun way to explore group rhythm. I have been in a group of musicians as well as an improv troupe where we've found the groove of a song or a scene - it is a transcendent experience.

Rhythm is key to leading a productive and creative life - finding the rhythm that moves me forward. It is too easy to just follow someone else's rhythm allowing it to drag me along, wear me out, beat me down. Finding my own creative rhythm requires a large measure of self awareness and discipline but the place it reveals is worth the effort.

How do you find your groove?

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