Cultivating Compassion


It is difficult to find compassion in the world. Anger and hatred are everywhere. Compassion does appear in simple gestures, a stranger pausing to allow you into a line of cars or holding the door for you. A smile or wave.

We have evolved to be physically and emotionally protective of ourselves making it difficult to find and express compassion. We are immediately responsive to threats while less aware of opportunities to express compassion to others. Politics and social media are full of the chronically angry. Compassionate people are more difficult to find.

The first step to cultivating compassion is to be more mindful. Mindful of emotions and the actions and reactions of others. Mindful of when anger arises and where it comes from.

Responding to anger with compassion and hatred with love is difficult. It leaves us exposed and vulnerable. But the world is seriously in need of more love and compassion. It is worthy of cultivation.

Photo by Matt Collamer on Unsplash

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