Contemplating Love

Love seemed an appropriate topic to contemplate at the end of Valentine's Day week although the day seems more about selling flowers, cards, chocolate and restaurant reservations than love. I tried chasing down love in my recent song Just Love. Openly expressing love can be difficult. There is a vulnerability that the expression of love elicits. Love may not be returned or worse yet, rejected. Perhaps it is an oversimplification to just love. Just love yourself. Just love those around you. Not an end but maybe a start. 

just love 

everybody needs a place to go 
everybody needs a way to know 
that they're just loved 

why do we hurt the ones we love 
why can't we lift them up 
instead of putting them down 
and just love 

we'll only be here for a very short time 
to lie in the sun and drink sweet wine 
and just love 

it will all be here and then be gone 
instead of harsh words 
and singing sad songs 
let's just love 

you can find it in your heart 
if you look deep enough 
you'll find the only thing 
that we really need now 
it's just love 

it's hard to just love 
in a world full of hate 
but if we just start now 
it won't be too late 
to just love 

i'm not going to try 
i'm just going to do 
if you joined with me 
then we would make two 
we need more giving 
less taking away 
if we start right now 
we'll get there someday 
to just love 

because deep inside every one of us 
there's something brighter than gold 
waiting to shine out 
we keep it covered up in a layer of clay 
we've got to start washing it off some day 
with just love

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