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The Internet can be a dangerous place for an inquisitive mind. I have to restrain myself sometimes or risk wasting a lot of time chasing information. I'll go online to quickly look something up and an hour later I'm watching funny cat videos. 

That said, the Internet is a rich source of information and inspiration. I'd like to share the blogs I read on a regular basis along with an example from each.  I hope you find something of value to you. 

Seth Godin 

Godin is an influential business thinker who writes about a broad range of subjects with a focus on self improvement through change, marketing and customer service. He blogs daily but most of his posts are short, thought stimulating articles. Here is a recent example of one of his brief but insightful posts - Beginning is underrated

James Altucher 

James is one of the more interesting and some would say unusual bloggers out there. He has a background in hedge fund management and you'll receive a lot of information and offers about investing if you subscribe to his blog but you can sift out many insightful articles written in his unique vulnerable yet confident style. His best work pushes the boundaries and challenges conformity - read this for an example - What Happens When You Decide to Change

Benjamin Hardy 

Hardy is a student pursuing his Ph.D. in organization psychology. He writes articles based on current psychological and behavioral science that drill to the very core of what we should be doing to get the most out of our careers and lives. His work is full of practical advice and techniques to embrace positive change. A good example is 30 Behaviors That Will Make You Unstoppable

Maria Popova 

This one is a little different and may not be for everyone. Popova's blog Brain Pickings is a wide ranging collection of articles on "what matters in the world and why." I subscribe to the weekly newsletter which arrives in my email early every Sunday morning. Popova provides insightful commentaries on the work of many of the world's greatest thinkers past and present making their work more accessible for those of us lacking the time and stamina to read as deeply and broadly as we might like. A good introduction to her work is 9 Learnings from 9 Years of Brain Pickings

It can be overwhelming to save and recall everything of value you come across on the Internet. Keeping a personal journal to make note of ideas and actions is very helpful. When I find an article or information that I want to be able to recall in its entirety, I use Pocket to save it for future reference. It allows you to set up your own tags so you can classify the article by subject and easily pull it up for future reading. 

Please use the comments section to share any blogs that you read regularly. Thanks for reading!

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