Back in the Saddle

I've only ridden a horse once in my life so don't really know what getting back in the saddle feels like, but Back on the Blog sounds less dramatic.

I haven't been completely idle. I write and play music almost daily, work on starting a podcast this fall and dabble in cartooning - more about that in future posts. Since my last blog post in May, I've filled two handwritten journals with thoughts and ideas. Keeping a handwritten journal is cathartic if nothing else and a better accounting of my life than social media posts.

The Rob Log has been quiet - time to change that.

Playing two Oktoberfest band gigs this week - Conestoga College on Thursday and Saturday night at the Olde Heidelberg Restaurant & Tavern. Highland bagpipe and Oktoberfest are the only genres of music that involve a costume. But I'm going to buck that trend this year - no lederhosen for me. The poor old cow can keep her pants on, I'll be wearing cotton and an Oktoberfest-ish hat. I don't want to be accused of Bavarian cultural appropriation.

Also developing a new live show with a trial run planned for the Olde Heidelberg Restaurant & Tavern on November 9th. Envisioning something that incorporates improv and stand up comedy along with audience participation and of course, music. Cousin Willy may even show up as it will be cold out in the shed by then.

Returning to the luxurious Couples Resort on November 18th and 20th. Relax by a lake on the edge of Algonquin Park and enjoy a five course meal with your partner while I gently strum and croon in the background... I might serve a little musical improv for dessert.

Check out the Shows page on my website for details.

Thanks for being here.


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