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Back in the Saddle 

I've only ridden a horse once in my life so don't really know what getting back in the saddle feels like, but Back on the Blog sounds less dramatic.

I haven't been completely idle. I write and play music almost daily, work on starting a podcast this fall and dabble in cartooning - more about that in future posts. Since my last blog post in May, I've filled two handwritten journals with thoughts and ideas. Keeping a handwritten journal is cathartic if nothing else and a better accounting of my life than…

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Time Buffet 

I've always enjoyed a good buffet. My ultimate experience was the Carnival Seafood Buffet in Las Vegas. Seeing their massive live tanks on television caused me to venture off the strip in search of the ultimate seafood eating experience. I was greeted by a crowd milling about the steam tables carrying plates heaped with every type of seafood imaginable. Fueling up before heading into the casino to play some slots and watch the free Mardi Gras show. The pinnacle of citizen experience in the modern American…

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Finding my Funny 

I really don't want to write seriously all the time. There is more joy and happiness in laughter than there is in deep contemplation of the human experience. Not that I shouldn't spend time in contemplation but what value is there in attachment to worry, pain and suffering? I need to lighten things up. 

Humour often arises from a place of suffering but can provide comfort. Humour shines the light of awareness on the truth of things. It examines from all perspectives and exposes an unexpected observation…

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Gratitude from A to Z: Improv 

                                      Photo Credit: The Making Box

I'm grateful for improv. The way it teaches me to cherish failure. The way it exercises my ability to think quickly, listen closely and stay in the moment. Most of all I'm grateful for the laughter it generates. Improv erases seriousness and replaces it with joy.

The mantra of improv is "yes, and...". Accept what you are given by others and build on it. Draw energy and inspiration from your improv partners and shine it right back at them.

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Improvising for Fun and Profit 

I've always had an interest in comedy. My earliest comedic performances took place in elementary school classrooms where I was quick with a zinger in response to what was happening around me. It often got me into trouble with the authorities but it was worth the warm feeling that comes from bringing joy and laughter to others. 

I recently signed up for an Intro to Improv course. I was actually looking for some kind of standup comedy course but all I could find locally was this improv course. My plan is to…

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The Anatomy of Laughter 

I read that scientists discovered what they believe is the evolutionary origin of human laughter. While observing primates hanging around in trees, scientists observed individuals that were startled by a sudden movement of wind in the leaves of the tree. When the animal realized it was just the wind and not a real danger, it made a sound of relief that the scientists found was similar to human laughter. They theorized that laughter has its origins as an expression of relief after having experienced…

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