Accumulating Skills

It is not those with the most skill who are successful, it is those with the most skills. Perfecting a single skill, such as the ability to hit a golf ball with great accuracy and consistency or shoot a hockey puck past a goalie, can lead to success but only for a very limited few. A more reliable strategy for success is to combine a variety of skills rather than just focusing on one skill. Know how to put the puck in the net but be a good defensive player as well. 

Certainly the skill, such as singing and playing an instrument, that is central to your craft is important. But you can be a very successful musician without being an outstanding singer and guitarist if you possess other skills. 

The combination of synergistic skills that lead to success will vary from occupation to occupation but there are a group of core skills that support success across many fields. These include: 

Communication - basic writing skills, conversation, public speaking and social media 
Financial accounting - the language of business 
Time management and personal productivity - using your time effectively 
Psychology - understanding how the human brain perceives the world helps you understand why other people do the often irrational things they do and what motivates them 
Technology - is changing everything - seek out new technologies and figure out how they can positively impact your work 

Cultivating a diversity of skills not only improves your opportunity for success, the process of committing to continuous learning and skill development opens your mind to new ideas and opportunities you might have never thought of if you are focused only on a specific skill set within a single occupation or trade. 

What skills beyond the obvious have positively impacted your pathway to success?

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