Saturday Song - Too Many Moments

The most meaningful art comes from a place of emotion whether it's writing, visual art or music.

This particular song has it's origins in a very dark period in 2000 when we suddenly lost my late friend and band mate David Duke's son Jesse in a car accident when he was only 12 years old. Jesse was a beautiful young soul and we can only imagine what a fine young man he would have become. His loss was devastating to David, his family and friends as well as Jesse's mother Jenny and her family.  I originally started writing the song shortly after Jesse died but never finished it as I knew it would have been very difficult to play it with Dave while he was alive.

Time never fully heals us from a loss like this but it has softened the blow and I thought it was time I honoured the memory of Jesse and Dave by finishing the song. In my original notes I only had the two verses and chorus. This week I added the bridge after the second time through the chorus as well as the instrumental intro and outro which, in a nod to Dave and Jesse's Scottish heritage, was inspired by the mournful wail of highland bagpipes.



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