On the Road Again

Heading out in the next few days to do some traveling south of the border looking for spring, lassoing it, and hauling it kicking and screaming back to Canada. Along the way I'll do a little exploring, some bass fishing and play a little music... hopefully with some of my Appalachian friends. 

Blog posts may be more sporadic than usual but I will provide a travelogue as I fraternize with our southern cousins and try to decipher the current state of affairs in the good old U.S. of A. Also planning to spend part of the trip doing some genealogical research in the ancestral home of my long lost cousin Willy Witherspoon. 

New song posts will happen depend on access to technology but I may try to do it by posting videos to Facebook or maybe even playing live on Facebook. If you are a Facebook user and have yet to check out and like my Facebook Page, please do so and you'll receive notification when I go live or post videos. 

Thanks for being a loyal reader of my blog. Stay healthy, keep warm and I'll try to reflect some sunshine back at you.

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