Gratitude from A to Z: Uncles

Uncle Paul enjoying a glass of wine in Madeira


I am grateful for uncles.

Both Uncle Johns, Uncles Dean, Bud, Don, Erik, Stewart, and Paul.  Uncle Bud was a cousin of my Dad's and Uncle Don was close family friend. Not uncles in the true definition of the word, but both more than worthy of the honourary title.

The word "uncle" is derived from the Old French oncle thought to be derived from the Latin avunculus which referred to mother's brother. The original Latin word literally means "little grandfather" which is a good description of the relationship I've had with my uncles. They are much like younger grandfathers.

Uncles fill a father-like role but unlike real fathers, you see them less often and they don't carry the baggage often associated with the challenging aspects of fatherhood. As an uncle myself, I cherish the relationships I have with my nine nieces and nephews.

All of my uncles except one have passed away but I remember each of them fondly and cherish the time we did have together. I am grateful to still have my Uncle Paul - he is only a few years older than me so I rarely call him uncle. In true uncle fashion, he teaches me the merits of fine wine and conversation.

What have you learned from your uncles?


Photo Credit: Krys Klassen

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