Gratitude from A to Z: Rivers


I am grateful for rivers.

One river in particular stands alone in my memory - the mighty St. Lawrence River. I grew up a quarter mile from the banks of the St. Lawrence at a point where it was seven kilometers across to the opposite shore in the state of New York.

The St. Lawrence figured large in our lives. The reason we moved to the area was for my father's career which involved managing water levels on the river and the rest of the Great Lakes system. We swam, fished, canoed, kayaked and sailed on the river.

Due to the size of the river and current, it was rare to have a smooth surface form on the lake but one Christmas many years ago we had the perfect combination of calm wind, cold temperatures and no snow. The river froze into a glass-like surface and we skated for miles chasing fish swimming beneath our feet.

Do you have a favourite memory that involves a river?

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