On Being Aware

Have you ever been blindsided? Surprised by something you didn’t see coming but in reflection realized that the signs were there, you just missed them. 

Successful individuals and organizations are aware. Awareness can be clouded by many things – ego, expectations, biases and the media – perception of the way we think things should be as opposed to the way they actually are. Developing awareness brings clarity and focus. 

Awareness begins within. Often the person we know the very least is ourself – we are so busy reacting and doing that we spend very little time just being. Distractions are everywhere, from the demands and expectations of others to the constant pull of social contact from smartphones and social media. Developing and focussing awareness is a challenge. 

Start a mindful awareness practice. Spending a small amount of time each day focussing on awareness will reprogram your brain to be more logical and less reactive. Rather than grabbing your phone and checking your messages and social media, try starting your day with a short mindfulness exercise. 

If you are unsure of how to start, check out this article on mindful awareness. It includes details on the benefits of mindful awareness, tips on adding an awareness practice to your day and includes a link to a free app you can use to get started. Let me know how it goes.

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