Don't Feed the Fears

As a human emotion, fear has a purpose. It keeps us from standing too close to the edge of a cliff. Then there's fear of criticism, rejection and failure. These fears prevent us from seeking new experiences, meeting new people, trying new things and optimizing our true potential. 

Fear stems from uncertainty about the future and lack of confidence in the ability to respond effectively. Fear feeds the hungry dog that is procrastination. Fear prevents the pursuit of challenging tasks. Fear is the door to achieving what we truly desire. 

Self-awareness is a powerful tool to examine fear and foster fearlessness. It discerns between fears that are truly dangerous and fears that are difficult, uncomfortable but necessary pathways through life transitions. 

Shine the light of self-awareness on worries and concerns. What are they? Are there specific actions that are being avoided out of fear? What is creating the fear? Is the fear real and is there anything that can be done about it? 

We can't control the actions and reactions of other people, the economy or the weather so be aware of them, but don't let them fuel your fears. Focus on what you can change and needs to change to find your path through the fears that are standing between where you are and where you want to be.

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