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Political Theatre 

That's really all politics is... theatre, and bad theatre at that. The actors vie for our emotional engagement, rarely appealing to any intellectual or rational reasoning. They bombard us with scripted dialogue designed to arouse our most base emotions. Truth is buried under steaming piles of ideology and outright lies. Social media undermines thoughtful analysis and media outlets only amplify political messaging. Small screen conditioned attention spans prevent in depth analysis.

Politics has become a bad…

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Truth Post Truth 

Truth has become an elusive commodity - we are living in the era of post truth. To be completely truthful, for all of human existence facts have always teetered on the edge of extinction in the world of power and politics. There may have been more public integrity and honesty in the past but recent politicians and the advent of open, unmediated social media have opened the floodgates of fake news with truth difficult to discern among the steaming piles of lies and deception.

Many of us have come to expect…

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How to Vote 


Go to your polling station, get a ballot and mark an X beside one of the names. Voting day is this Thursday. Given the fact that a little over half of the population voted in the last provincial election, many people may not be aware there even is an election or may not care. In my mind, that is irresponsible and how we have created a political system where personalities and special interests rule over more consensus based governance.

I hate mentioning generational differences, but older folks tend to…

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This Machine Kills Fascists 

As citizens, we have given up ownership of our democratic system. It has been taken over by special interest groups and the friends and financial supporters of those in power. Wealthy men clothe themselves in the trappings of populism claiming to represent the average voter. Slogans have replaced thoughtfully planned policy. Public opinion is swayed by social media campaigns that appeal to our most basic fears and emotions. 

Is there anything we can do to restore a compassionate democratic process that…

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