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Gratitude from A to Z: Journalists

I am grateful for journalists.

Grateful for journalists who bear witness on my behalf to what is happening in the world outside of my limited perspective. Exposing the truth of things often at risk to themselves. Journalists like the late…

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Political Theatre

That's really all politics is... theatre, and bad theatre at that. The actors vie for our emotional engagement, rarely appealing to any intellectual or rational reasoning. They bombard us with scripted dialogue designed to arouse our most base emotions. Truth…

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Truth Post Truth

Truth has become an elusive commodity - we are living in the era of post truth. To be completely truthful, for all of human existence facts have always teetered on the edge of extinction in the world of power and…

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We Need a New Face-to-Facebook

The fact that social media channels like Facebook are being used to manipulate our thoughts and opinions shows that current social media is failing us. By association, the Internet is failing us. A communication tool that many of us thought…

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