Political Theatre

That's really all politics is... theatre, and bad theatre at that. The actors vie for our emotional engagement, rarely appealing to any intellectual or rational reasoning. They bombard us with scripted dialogue designed to arouse our most base emotions. Truth is buried under steaming piles of ideology and outright lies. Social media undermines thoughtful analysis and media outlets only amplify political messaging. Small screen conditioned attention spans prevent in depth analysis.

Politics has become a bad reality TV show taking place in the coliseum of public opinion fueled by money, power and ego. We audition the actors every four years then sit back and watch the show. Anger and outrage is viewed as a strength in the gladiator pit of modern politics. The howling mob cries for blood and the players gladly oblige swinging their blades with abandon.

We need to change the channel on this farce. Replace hatred with love. Criticism with compassion. Ideology with truth.

The responsibility lies with each of us.

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