Minivan Man

Speed River Valley Mountain Boys

Acoustic roots music takes a turn into suburbia with the Speed River Valley Mountain Boys debut CD, Minivan Man. SRVMB plumbs the perils of suburban life with songs covering found and faded love, overextended credit cards, the relationship perils of big box stores and finding yourself behind the wheel of a minivan when you’d always dreamed of owning a sporty little two seater. Recorded live off the floor at Silk Purse Recording Studio in Elora, Ontario, the recording has a clean acoustic presence that replicates the band’s live sound.

The Speed River Valley Mountain Boys first assembled as a bluegrass band in Guelph late in the last millennium. Dave Duke (mandolin), Ranj Feduck (bass) and Rob Witherspoon (lead vocals/guitar/harmonica) started to venture beyond the borders of traditional bluegrass forging an original brand of folk-rock Dave labeled acid grass. The trio honed their craft playing in roadside taverns, Legions and other small venues in southern Ontario.

Always intending to record but never quite making it into the studio, the band was made starkly aware of their impermanence when David was diagnosed with cancer and passed away in 2012 before a recording project could be started. Sandy MacKay, a close friend and talented multi-instrumentalist made the trek back from New Brunswick to replicate the mandolin chops of their fallen comrade for this CD. Dedicated to the memory of David Duke, Minivan Man reflects the Speed River Valley Mountain Boy’s past but also guides the surviving band members down a new musical path of creative collaboration.

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